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Visualization for a More Beautiful Reality

In times like these it is so easy to outsource our power to fear. In doing this, we forget that we create our reality through where we put our attention. How can we grow big enough to hold the...

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Why the Current Moment Is an Opportunity

When your foot hurts, it can help to ask why it hurts rather than to reflexively reach for a Tylenol. Especially if the asking helps you to see that you have a piece of glass in it....

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A Mediation to Prevent Freak Out

While we band together in challenging times, I want to offer tools that help you access greater calm from within.

My dear friend and healer, Swaranpal Kaur, recently recorded a series of meditation...

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Join Us Here For a Fresh Perspective


That is what so many of us are struggling with in this moment of great transition, globally. Any narrative about what’s going on that points to something we can’t control...

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Are Your Medications Causing Depression?

How many medications are you currently taking?

A Mayo Clinic study found that 7 out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription drug. But it gets worse…

Over 50% take two prescription...

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A Message to Help Dispel Fear

To shed some light on the current state of affairs and to help my community adopt a new narrative — one with self-empowerment at the core — I recorded this video yesterday exclusively...

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Yogi Bhajan and the Kundalini Community: Premka's Own Your Self Journey

I used to hate men. And, all the while, as I attended a male-dominated college, and entered into a male-centric profession, I was diligently working to emulate what I perceived to be characteristic...

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A Celebration of Love

Videography: Ana Paula Alvarez
Music: Mardeleva

In November, I married the man who catalyzed my spiritual awakening and activated the creative life force that has brought my offerings to the world...

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Epigenetic Considerations Around Antidepressant Exposure

In psychiatrists’ offices, all around the world, women are being presented with something of a Sophie’s Choice – let your mental illness go untreated, or play with the risks...

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(Not a) Surprise: Glyphosate-Based Herbicides are Bad for Your Mental Health

Eat your veggies is no longer synonymous with health thanks to the increasingly documented deleterious health effects of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

In the approximately 80 years of human...

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Depression Caused by Genetics? Most Likely Not

Since the discovery of DNA, the central dogma of genetic translation has lured us in with a simple path from genes to illness.

With the completion of the Human Genome Project, however, we were...

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When It's Time to Wo/Man Up

This blog post contains excerpts from my new book, Own Your Self, now available for pre-order.

Do you have Victim Stories being told in your life right now? Ways that things consistently suck,...

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